Back to Basics: Beginner tips for starting an urban garden

4/13/11 0 comments
I'm new to this organic/sustainable gardening thing and I'm still finding my own way but I thought it would be nice to post about a few basic and cheap things that anyone can do to start their own garden.

1. Start Composting!
    Compost is a super cheap and healthy alternative to commercial potting soil mixes. While at the advanced levels some farmers and gardeners prefer to add special nutrients to their soil, it really isn't necessary if you are just starting out. Some of the benefits of composting on your own includes always having a supply of potting soil for planting, reducing your impact on the planet by recycling organic waste and lastly, a cheap supply of good soil that you can use to repair your yard. Here are some instructions for starting a basic vermicomposting (composting using worms) bin of your own:
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