Potato potahtoooo part deux

Sorry if I'm not my usual entertaining self, I've been writing all night.
Anyway, Valery brought me my plants a few days ago. Leon was super excited and mosied on off with a small tropical tree and a drying out fern. I thought I heard him say "this is so great, it's like a swamp" as he left, which I found hilarious. I basically ran out of room for everything so there is a small ficus living in a corner near the door on the living room floor and even plants in my room and the new vacant room.
But what  was most excited about was the worm bin. I had tossed a few potato plants into it for my friend to plant in her yard but she never did. She also never took them out of the worm bin. I am sad to report that I saw only 2 lonely worms in the bin (and a random slug) but if they are in good health 2 should be enough so fingers crossed. The potatoes on the other hand were amazing. The regular potatoes dropped their leaves ages ago though the stems are still green. But they have started growing little potatoes! squee The sweet potatoes on the other hand, are still growing like crazy. Strangely the leaf shapes are completely different from the potatoes Stella is growing out front,, which is kind of cool. I wonder if they will taste different? Anyway, it way obvious

 I couldn't leave the potatoes in the tiny worm bin not if I were hoping for survivors or healthy potatoes so I filled the huge blue bin my brother gave me with a combination of planting soil, local dirt and compost and buried the potatoes  it. I was worried about ruining my potatoes so I didn't even cut them up or separate them as planned because the roots had completely over taken the worm bin and it was all stuck together in a root filled square lump. With leaves.
Anyway, here is a picture of the bin for your viewing pleasure. I will post again later today I think.


the bulldog formerly known as bulldog. at: September 12, 2010 at 8:26 AM said...

you need more worms, srsly more worms, MUCH more worms, you can get them mail order or from a fishing tackle shop, (I think they are called dendrobena) mail order is much cheaper here.
here's a great worm composting vid.

Anonymous at: September 13, 2010 at 1:48 AM said...

:D thanks for the video. I've seen some eggs in the box and a few more worms (they might have come from the compost heap) so I think I can get the worm bin going properly once the potatoes have grown. The worms seemed to have survived the disaster. :)

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