So, I recently discovered that the leafy branches on tomato plants will grow into new plants if you keep them in water (They're genetic clones of the original plant). I'd heard of that with other plants but never seen it in tomatoes so I tried it out with all the leafy bits (I pull off all the leafy bits and leave mostly just the fruit bearing parts. So I've got about 6 little things in a tiny jar and they are growing like crazy, some of them are even putting out flower pods!!! And I just keep them under a regular lamp, nothing special and not outside cuz it's too cold...

Anyway, besides this I'm growing some green onions from shoots I had cut the tops off and I got some broccoli sprouts from my room mat. Dunno if those will grow since they were refrigerated tho. I'm hoping to get a grow light this week and am planning what to plant. I'm gonna use one of those shoe racks you hang on the backs of doors, I'll hang it on my closet so it gets light from the lamp above and some from the window.

So my already grown tomato has a bunch of canary yellow cherry tomatoes (some kind of hybrid) almost ready to harvest (I started it really late) and the potatoes have died back. The peppers stayed green but the leaves started dying so I pulled all the fruit anyway. I'm thinking of planting a couple of things in the shoe rack: some orange seeds, pomegranate and plums on the bottom, some lettuce and herbs, tomatoes, peppers and, well, whatever I come across :)

How was your harvest? Are you winter plantng? What are you growing?

PS sorry I haven't had time to post much this October. I plan to write every day this week to catch you all up ANNNNNND!  have pictures :D expect them in the next few days...


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