Fuel a film by Josh Tickell

I'm currently watching a documentary called Fuel. It's about the United States' dependence on foreign oil and what can be done about it. Basically it discusses the physical and human cost of oil production and the ecological damage done by oil. I just learned that European bio-diesel cars can go as far as 150 miles per gallon. Unbelievable. Apparently diesel cars do not need any modifications to run on old vegetable oil either (I have to verify this) which is just amazing to me. Honestly, this subjects is so fascinating to me but I need to research it a bit more to give you guys an accurate review but for now I'm very intrigued about the possibility of making a diesel engine run moped or truck. Fascinating....

I've added a link to the movie here in case you are interested in learning more. I've definitely added this to my favorite documentaries list.


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