Potato, potahto

My friend Valery has been taking care of my plants for a few months since I've been rambling. Next Friday we are going to participate in a forum together so she is coming in to ABQ and bringing my lovely plant friends and worm bin home to me (I wonder if the worms have survived? I have a new home for them:). I'm most excited because I had a bunch of sprouting potatoes, sweet potatoes and big baking potatoes. Anyway, if you haven't seen a growing potato, they are gorgeous. Sweet potatoes have sort of lovely purple shoots with flowery things at the tips. The regular potatoes look more like tentacles heheh.

Anyway, there are a couple other plants too, but they are decorative, so the potatoes are my big interest. I am going to try to find a large barrel on Freecycle or at ReStore and fill it with dirt. I will ask Stella to make me something to set it on and put it out front over the Nightshade hiding rocks.
Then I will take the sprouted potatoes, cut them into small pieces and bury them in the barrel. Hopefully there is enough time for them to grow until October or so. I'll put more in the back where it's hotter just in case that will help them grow faster.
If you are going to do this you may not want to use potatoes from a chain grocery. They are more likely to have rot or been exposed to pesticides. I got mine from Pro's Ranch Market (www.prosranch.com) which is a huge Mexican grocery here in ABQ. They have very fresh fruits and veggies. The potatoes that I let sprout were accidentally left in a dark cupboard for a few months and got very wrinkly until the eyes sprouted awesome tentacles.
I'll let you know how they taste in a month or so.


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