Food Dyes are Bad News? Who DIDN'T Know??

So apparently the food and drug administration has finally caught up with... well, everyone and realized that food coloring in kids food is bad news, particularly for kids with ADHD. Check a link here and read about my own experience with dye after the jump.

For those that don't know, I have a type of autism called Asperger's and have been working very hard on it for a few years. Thanks to a LOT of work, including changes in my diet, I have managed to make my autism virtually unnoticeable to most people. One of the things I did was eliminate artificial food coloring from my diet as well as more or less following a GF/CF diet. It's NOT a cure and shouldn't be used as one but it has helped me quite a bit. Removing the food coloring from my diet has had an amazing effect on my ability to focus and comprehend while reducing my aggressiveness. Removing most sources of cassien (milk products) has also helped by almost eliminating the gastro-intestinal issues people with autism are known for having. Gluten products make me extremely lethargic and sleepy.

I'm not at all strict about my diet and I firmly believe that a diet is useless if someone doesnt want to follow it, but since being on vacation in Puerto Rico and not having access to the types of products I am used to, I have really seen just how effective my new eating style really is. Since I've been eating rice for most meals I feel exhausted all the time. I am also eating a lot of canned food like Spaghetti-Os and I feel like I've become correspondingly more aggressive in the past few weeks.

I have finally found an outdoor farmers market (disregard the date on the pic, it's not accurate) where I can by some fresh fruits and veggies. I'm a bit stuck for meat so will just have to hope I find a decent grocery. Unfortunately I just cant resist some good cheese and ice cream! However, good cheese is hard to find here although there is some amazing fresh fruit flavored ice creams (and they DONT use artificial food dyes or coloring, just pure fruit juice!). I guess I will just have to accept a tummy ache.


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