Musings on constitutional rights

Before I start I just want to let you readers know I will be messing around with the template today so it may be hard to read or access a few posts.

So today I was skimming through my Facebook and found an interesting link on my wall to a survivalist blog, not the sort of thing I read regularly. But I decided to skim it because it was supposedly written by a police officer who has been attending training given by the Department of Homeland Security.

What really caught my attention was the writers description of what police officers are now being told to look for: "These people grow their own food, raise livestock and plot attacks on commercial food production facilities" The "these people" the text refers to are supposedly "domestic terrorists." What do you think about this development, where knowing how to grow your own food is now a cause for suspicion? Do you think the original post is nonsense or is it troubling to you? Personally I am not in the least surprised. There have definitely been signs of this coming for a long time now. My question is, how do we combat this view that growing your own /"stockpiling" (canning) is scary/dangerous/threatening/possibly terrorist activity? How do we show people that it is simply common sense? Relying on food from other countries provided by big businesses is not in our best interests. Every earthquake, tsunami, drought causes ripples along the global food chain. Removing our selves from that chain is, in my opinion, the only safe way to ensure that we will always have what we need. This is also why I think farming and gardening should be a community endeavor. One person with a food garden is an anomaly. A neighborhood with a garden is a community.

What are your thoughts?


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