Introducing..... moi

I thought I'd take a moment to introduce you all to your host (moi) and what we are working with, just so you kind of know what I am talking about in later posts, so this will be a bit of an introduction, if you will.

 This is our awesome compost heap, with random bits  of other junk thrown in cuz I am laaaaaazy. The chicken wire is to keep out the dogs who for some reason LOVE eating dirt. We also have a vermicomposting bin but it is currently home to my potatoes, but I will cover that in another post.

This is the backyard as it looks right now. I spent 2 days last week hacking down Elm tree saplings. They are an invasive species here. As you can see, I have not managed to finish the weeding as promised. um...

These are the chairs I scored off I don't think I've written about them yet so for now I will just say that I'm going to spray paint them bright orange or peach with a neon pink fade on the legs and a super glossy sealant. The seat covers are hideous so they are all coming off to be replaced by something prettier. I do love the corset style lacing in the back though.... The table is an earlier piece of mine and you can see Evelyn's collection of junk in the background.
There you can see Leon's grill and the rest of the yard. That little cutey in the middle is Evelyn posing. :D

This is Leon's BMX course in the very back of the yard. Pretty cool, hu?

Here's the other side f the course.

This is where the evil Nightshade lived. It was pretty much all weeds. I did pull all the weeds but I didnt bother with the grass or picking up the dead plants. We still dont know what to do with this side so if you have a suggestion let me know.

Here is the half finished right side. You cant see it but there is a bed right in front growing herbs. The first one you see here has tomatoes and peppers.The next one contains corn and sweet potatoes. We ran out of landscapers cloth and haven't figured out how to clean the rocks before covering the cloth since hey are currently full of humus.

Close up of the midget corn and potatoes.

The porch. That's one of my paintings to scare off missionaries and the bike leaning against the wall is mine. The one under the tree is Stella's. Weirdly all three of our bikes are the exact same color. Someone gave us that bad ass ivy. Isn't it amazing?? And you can see the hanging pots here as well.

Yeah so... that's the end of the tour for now. I took a cute picture of Stella with Evelyn but she won't let me show it :( oh well, maybe next time...


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