Sustainable living, recycling and the green revolution...

"Sustainability" "urban farming" and "green living" are quickly becoming meaningless buzzwords. I set out on a mission to discover for myself what it means for me to live "green." I may have cheated slightly by beginning this project well before I started this blog but I will try to keep my related experiences as factual as possible.
Many people have gone out of their way to tell me how silly I am for wasting time on this subject and learning about things like composting toilets and container housing but I am firmly of the opinion that every aspect of living is related and effects other aspects of your life. The food you eat effects your energy and health which effects the type and quality of work you can do which effects the amount of money you make which effects where you can live and on and on. In a way I could say that this is my mission statement, to discover whether I can maintain and improve my lifestyle by living "green." For now I will give myself one year to chronicle my experience.
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